Clinical Trials for Chronic Sialorrhea | XEOMIN®

Adults With Chronic Sialorrhea

Study Design

  • Randomized, double–blind, placebo–controlled trial of XEOMIN in adult patients with chronic sialorrhea1
  • 16–week main period followed by a 52–week open–label extension period, for a total of 64 weeks1

Co–primary endpoints

  • Change in unstimulated salivary flow rate and change in subject Global Impression of Change Scale at Week 4 post–injection1
Clinical trial of XEOMIN® in Adult Patients with Chronic Sialorrhea Pinch to zoom

*XEOMIN is only approved for chronic sialorrhea in adults at the 100–Unit dose. The 75–Unit dose was not statistically better than placebo.


  1. Jost WH, Friedman A, Michel O, et al. SIAXI: Placebo–controlled, randomized, double–blind study of incobotulinumtoxinA for sialorrhea. Neurology. 2019;92(17):e1982–e1991.