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XEOMIN® Efficacy - Upper Limb Spasticity

Adults With Upper Limb Spasticity

Efficacy Safety Dosing

Proven Efficacy in Adults With Upper Limb Spasticity

Demonstrated Improvements in Muscle Tone as Measured by the Ashworth Scale1

Ashworth Scale is a clinical measure of the severity of spasticity by judging resistance to passive movement1

Significant difference was seen in the mean change on the Ashworth Scale between XEOMIN and placebo (P<0.001)1

XEOMIN demonstrated improvements in muscle tone

Improvement in Overall Upper Limb Spasticity as Measured by Global Impression of Change Scale (GICS)1

GICS is a global measure of a patient’s functional improvement
  • Investigators were asked to evaluate the patients‘ global change in spasticity of the upper limb due to treatment, compared to the condition before the last injection1
XEOMIN improved patient’s functional improvement
The investigators’ GICS scores at week 4 demonstrated that XEOMIN was superior to placebo1
  • 3 out of 4 patients showed at least minimum improvement in spasticity with XEOMIN1
  • With XEOMIN, 43% of patients were rated as "much improved" (40%) or "very much improved" (3%), compared to only 23% in the placebo group1


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