Understanding botulinum (baa·chuh·lai·num) toxins

Botulinum toxin type A products, like XEOMIN, are injections that contain proteins to help a variety of conditions. Although infrequent, in some cases, the body may mistake these proteins as harmful and develop what are known as neutralizing antibodies that fight back against these proteins. It is important to note that some botulinum toxin type A products contain extra proteins that, when injected, may further increase the risk of development of neutralizing antibodies.

The importance of neutralizing antibodies

When the body develops neutralizing antibodies to treatment, it could get in the way of achieving the desired results. Neutralizing antibodies that fight back against extra proteins may cause you or your child to be less responsive to treatment/medicine/toxin over time. They may also make it so you or your child requires bigger doses of the treatment in order to be effective.

XEOMIN state-of-the-art manufacturing with XTRACT Technology™

XEOMIN is made through a one-of-a-kind manufacturing process using XTRACT Technology. During this unique process, the unnecessary proteins that can affect you or your child’s response to XEOMIN are extracted, or removed, to create a uniquely purified product.*

Botulinum toxin type A with accessory proteins.
Botulinum toxin type A with accessory proteins
Merz technology removes accessory proteins.
Merz technology removes accessory proteins
XEOMIN does not contain accessory proteins.
XEOMIN: does not contain accessory proteins

*The direct impact of the non-therapeutic proteins on long term safety or efficacy has not been established. Information about the unique XEOMIN manufacturing process and the properties of incobotulinumtoxinA is not intended to imply superiority over other botulinum toxin type A products.

XEOMIN showed impressive results in clinical studies

In the clinical studies of XEOMIN across all indications, no patients developed resistance to XEOMIN treatment due to neutralizing antibodies (NAb).

Visual displaying XEOMIN having a low incidence of neutralizing antibodies developing in patients.