XEOMIN® Pediatric Patient Story Living with Chronic Sialorrhea

Emma's Story*: How XEOMIN Helped Me

Emma was a happy baby-always smiling and wanting to be the center of attention. When she was born, her mom, Vivian, was excited to be a new parent to such a sweet and healthy little girl.

Throughout the first year of Emma's life, Vivian noticed Emma wasn't like other babies. Emma never learned to crawl or stand. By the age of 1, Emma was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Overwhelmed with fear about the challenges her daughter would face, Vivian enrolled Emma in a specialized rehabilitation center. As she got older and finished teething, Vivian noticed Emma continued to drool—her clothing, bibs, and bedding were always wet. When Emma was 2 and half years old, Vivian asked Emma's pediatrician about ways to help her manage her daughter's drooling.

At the age of 3, Emma started receiving treatment for chronic sialorrhea. At first, Emma's doctors tried acupuncture and oro-motor therapy. As time passed, Emma showed little signs of improvement. Vivian was worried that her daughter's drooling could lead to other health issues. Vivian refused to sit back and watch—she was determined to find an answer and read everything she could to find the best care for Emma.

"Now that I've found XEOMIN, it's brought me a sense of hope," Vivian says. "I was always worried about keeping her safe from a lung infection or constantly having around to wipe her face so she wouldn't get a rash. But after we started her on XEOMIN I saw a real reduction in the amount of saliva and I could tell it was working."

For Vivian, XEOMIN was able to provide the peace of mind so Emma can be free to grow up around her peers without her mom constantly worrying that she wouldn't always be able to be there to take care of her daughter.

Every patient's experience with XEOMIN will vary, and there are potential risks and side effects with XEOMIN. Talk to your healthcare provider to see if XEOMIN is right for your child.

*Images and fictionalized story are for illustration purposes only. Not an actual patient.

Emma, a pediatric patient with chronic sialorrhea on XEOMIN®.

"Chronic sialorrhea is really challenging, from skin irritation to trying to guide Emma on how to manage it. Since we started her on XEOMIN, I feel less anxious about Emma's condition and can more fully enjoy our time together taking our dog, Bandit, to the park or watching Emma play dolls with her friends."

Vivian, mother of Emma, a pediatric patient with chronic sialorrhea treated with XEOMIN*

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Emma is an energetic, confident, and fun-loving 6-year-old. When Vivian thinks about Emma's experiences as she's getting older,
she's reminded how treatment with XEOMIN has made a big difference for her daughter. "Emma's been through so much," she
says, "but you would never know it when you look at her. She's just a big ball of energy."*

Individual results may vary.