XEOMIN® Pediatric Patient Story: Living with Chronic Sialorrhea

Jacob's Story*: How XEOMIN Helped Me

At birth, Jacob was diagnosed with a heart defect and within hours had emergency surgery to treat his condition. Jacob's father, Paul, was terrified for his son, but after the successful surgery and a few months in the NICU, he was relieved when his son was finally ready to go home.

Paul, started noticing developmental challenges with Jacob. When Jacob was 10 months old, he crawled with one arm and one leg while dragging his other arm and leg behind him. Paul mentioned this to Jacob's pediatrician, who ran a series of tests, and based on those test results, diagnosed Jacob with cerebral palsy.

After Jacob's diagnosis, Paul noticed that his son drooled more than other kids his age. When it didn't get better and began causing skin problems, Paul asked Jacob's doctors for help. Paul was told chronic sialorrhea is a common problem for kids with cerebral palsy. Jacob's doctors immediately started treating Jacob with oro-sensory therapy. The treatment was successful at managing Jacob's drooling, but as he became a teenager, things started to get complicated.

"When Jacob started high school," Paul says. "Jacob was embarrassed to be around his friends, and because of his drooling, he stopped hanging out with them. No teenager wants to wear a bib or have their parent wiping their face all the time. I wanted him to live his life without always having to deal with embarrassment that can cause low self-esteem and social anxiety."

Paul wanted to give his son independence, so he again asked Jacob's doctors about other treatment options for chronic sialorrhea. After his 14th birthday, Jacob began treatment with XEOMIN. XEOMIN has made a real difference in Jacob's life—helping him control excess drooling, which gives him the confidence to be himself.

Every patient's experience with XEOMIN will vary, and there are potential risks and side effects with XEOMIN. Talk to your healthcare provider to see if XEOMIN is right for your child.

*Images and fictionalized story are for illustration purposes only. Not an actual patient.

Jacob, a pediatric patient with chronic sialorrhea on XEOMIN®.

"We needed a more targeted therapy that was effective, and that's exactly what we got with XEOMIN. Now I get to watch my son grow up around his friends and be a teenager. He's finally confident to go out in public without worrying about people staring at him."

Paul, father of Jacob, an adolescent patient treated with XEOMIN for chronic sialorrhea*

Individual results may vary.

Jacob is your average teenage boy, obsessed with sports and the outdoors. He loves watching sports with his dad and inviting
friends over to play basketball or go camping in the backyard. When Paul thinks about all the things Jacob has had to overcome in
his life, he feels thankful for the quality time he now has with his son. "Our favorite thing to do together is watch basketball games,"
Paul says. "I'm just happy he's not embarrassed by his dad. Yet."*

Individual results may vary.