XEOMIN® Pediatric Patient Story: Living with Upper Limb Spasticity

Upper Limb Spasticity, Excluding Spasticity Caused by Cerebral Palsy

Michael's Story*: How XEOMIN Helped Me

Now 6 years old, Michael was a premature baby. Sarah, Michael's mom, noticed early on that he had movement issues. He wasn't sitting on his own, he wasn't crawling—he was sensitive and fearful of all movement.

At one year of age, Michael had been medically stable and physically healthy. However, as can be the case with children who are born prematurely, he began experiencing motor difficulties. Seeing this, Sarah was overwhelmed. It was hard for her to know that her perfect baby was facing some tough physical challenges. When his symptoms didn't resolve on their own, Sarah became determined to seek out help for Michael from his pediatrician, specialists, and wherever else she could find it.

Michael was soon diagnosed with upper limb spasticity. Sarah began treatment for him at an early development rehabilitation center. She was looking for the physical therapist to provide her with a set of tools, a plan to get Michael moving on his own. Most of all, she was looking for hope.

As Sarah continued to explore treatments, she discovered XEOMIN. "With XEOMIN," she says, "I was concerned that the shots might be stressful for Michael, but he was able to deal with them well. It's a good thing, because after getting XEOMIN, he had less stiffness and pain. I could see him moving more naturally." For Sarah, XEOMIN was one more valuable tool she could include in Michael's toolkit.

Every patient's experience with XEOMIN will vary and there are potential risks and side effects with XEOMIN. Talk to your healthcare provider to see if XEOMIN is right for you.

*Images and fictionalized story are for illustration purposes only. Not an actual patient.

Michael, a pediatric patient with upper limb spasticity on XEOMIN®.

"The upper limb spasticity makes Michael's muscles stiff and sometimes painful, which is so heartaching to see. When he began treatment with XEOMIN, he was looser, more comfortable. He was more enthusiastic about activities like painting and cuddling with the dog."

Sarah, mother of Michael, a pediatric patient with upper limb spasticity treated with XEOMIN*

Individual results may vary.

Michael is full of life, spontaneous, and very confident. When Sarah reflects on Michael's experiences with diagnosis, therapy, and treatment with XEOMIN, what she notices most is how those experiences have added to his character and self-esteem. "When I think of Michael," she says, "the first thing I think of is his smile. It could light up a town."*

Individual results may vary.