XEOMIN Dosing for Chronic Sialorrhea

Dosing Sites Focus on
2 Key Glands1

Where to Inject

  • The salivary glands can be located using ultrasound imaging or surface anatomic landmarks
Diagram showing the where to inject XEOMIN®.

Injection details when using anatomic landmarks1

1 A B
Parotid gland injection (Area 1): Find the midpoint on the line connecting the tragus and mandible angle (sites A and B, respectively), approximately at the height of the earlobe. Deliver the injection 1 fingerbreadth anterior to this site.
2 B C
Submandibular gland injection (Area 2): Find the midpoint between the angle of the mandible and the tip of the chin (sites B and C, respectively). Deliver the injection 1 fingerbreadth medial to the inferior surface of the mandible at this site.
Masseter muscle

Injection Guidelines

Anatomic Landmark Video

Not An Actual Patient

Ultrasound Guidance Video

Not An Actual Patient


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